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What we do and why we do it

Tools to support positive change, have their voice heard and raise self esteem whilst being able to educate, inform and raise awareness.

The company has been founded by Catherine Seiderer and Beverly Westbrook who are long term friends and have a shared vision and extensive knowledge and experience relating to the products  and the target market.

Thumbs Up World Ltd are offering a range of products all which have a common theme of interaction, communication, fun and learning through awareness.

Number one passion: is the need for neuro typical and special needs children, teenagers and adults  to have a individualised and more effective  way of understanding of and communicating about the different experiences that they may have and opportunities to have more positive experiences

Number two passion: is the need for children and their parents to have different and new engaging and individualised tools which they will  personally invest in to support positive learning and behaviour through praise and reward.

Number three passion: is the need for adults who are looking to make sustainable lifestyle changes  to have a creative and new tool which they are likely to personally invest in to support them to achieve their goals which enables them to see their journey from the start through to the end.

Number four passion: is making sure that we give back by ensuring each product has a charitable project attached to it. 

Number five passion: is to known and understand the market that Thumbs Up World Ltd will be working with and to develop customer relationships and use feedback to ensure product development is in line with the needs of the customers.

Social Enterprise statement:  It is our mission to work closely with organisations , professionals and charities that will benefit from the knowledge of the product and to use their expertise to ensure that each of our products has the added benefit of raising awareness, product excellence and funding for projects.  A share of the profit is used to fund products, give back to community projects and to provide individuals with hidden disabilities opportunities within Thumbs Up World to create products, take part and develop confidence. We are also committed to providing free resources to the community to further support health, wellbeing and knoweledge.  Information on this can be found on our Project Pages.