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Who We Are - the Thumbs Up World team

We are two mums (and grandmothers!) who have developed a fun range of creative products to reward children and engage with their learning and developing adventures. This range has been extended to children with additional needs acting as a tool to support them, to better understand them and to be understood.

We both have vast experience working with families and children, plus the experience of having our own lovely children and now grandchildren! The little aliens that form a big part our brand are based on our lovely grandchildren. We feel this is a wonderful way for us to include our own families as part of vision and journey.

The ethos of our products is set by our own values and inspiration. This is to inspire, praise, reward and join together the needs of children and families with the needs of charities that support children and families. All of our products will have a link to a charity that is in line with the purpose of the product.

Our vision for Thumbs Up World is to create unity and a positive attitude towards life! We want people to gain a sense of praise, optimism, achievement and improved learning. To help families create stronger relationships through learning together, day to day.

Our range is unique, affordable and most of all, fun! We create a sense of adventure in daily lives. Each of our products has been designed with children in mind, ensuring they are easy to use, supportive and encouraging.

We are working on a range for teens and adults, our “Big Kids” range. We are bursting with many exciting ideas, and cannot wait to see where our journey takes us.

We love hearing feel good stories, and encourage our clients to share their own adventures and positive learning stories with us. You never know who you might inspire. Everyone is welcome to be apart of this growing development, so please contact us for more information.

The feedback has been so encouraging, and we have formed an amazing team of skilled mums. Together we have great things to come, and we are so excited to be on this adventure.

Who's in the Thumbs Up World Team?

Well we are completely blessed to have established a team of like minded  committed, creative, kind and positive people who want to do good, support change and have great fun doing it.

         Beverly is the co-founder of Thumb Up World.  A mum of two and grandmother of one, a good friend and full of ideas.  She is incredibly passionate about all she does and is excited to be part of this journey.  A realist with great ambition to help others and with some very clever ideas.




Cathy is the other co-founder and is equally passionate and excited – slightly talkative but attributes that to enthusiasm!  Mum of two and grandmother of a toddler and a self confessed “non-stopper” and optimist.  This helps when an annoying barrier seems to get in the way.  Loves to see the best in everyone and welcomes a healthy challenge.

Andrew is a well regarded website developer who will work to ensure that an effective and user friendly website is completed.  Andrew also will be putting our Apps together to create our additional resources.


Jill is a children's illustrator , and mum of two girls, who works as a freelance artist for projects, has her own design company and works with schools and with children and families through art and projects.  She lives locally.

Claire is our patient and hard working printer who produces our high quality and professional products.

Candice is an incredibly creative woman who not only juggles the joy of parenting but is able to put our products beautifully together through design.


Harley is Cathys brilliant daughter, a creative and motivated mum of a toddler who is committed to our marketing strategy, developing contacts and identifying key points of media.

Harry and Laina
Harry and Laina


Harry and Laina are students who are developing their own video production business.  They will be working with us to develop a promotional video and other many exciting ideas.

"We are a video production company based in the South of England with a passion for creating and an eagerness to learn. At the moment we are team of two, with backgrounds in Film, Graphic Design and Animation. We are so proud to be part of the Thumbs Up team and look forward to enhancing the brand with a variety of media."